About Louis Petrides

Founder of PetriVentures & Dyslexia Consulting

Louis Petrides is the founder of PetriVentures. Investor, consultant, and multi-business entrepreneur. Including Creator Louis, PetriDigital, Online Creator Institute, and Dyslexia Consulting.

After finding out he was Dyslexic at 27, Louis immediately pivoted his entire life, built multiple 6 figure businesses, becoming head of marketing two years later and built a program to help adults with dyslexia build for themselves.

Louis Petrides' Story

G’day, I’m Louis Petrides and thanks for reading my story.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia with the typical 50% marriage failure story. Parents divorced, lower-class, older siblings always telling me to shut up. The usual. As a good Greek boy, I was told to not spend, save, stop talking, get a degree and go into the corporate world. And I did. Painfully. First in my family to graduate in fact.

When I landed my first corporate job in Marketing at BenQ Australia, I was the business man of the family. I then moved to work with an advertising agency where I struggled to keep the pace with others. No idea I had dyslexia at this point in time, I struggled and had no context why Over three years, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Twitter, Activision, Sony, Riot Games and many multi-billion dollar companies.

That was my worldview and context of “success”. If you could sit down at a desk, and not be on your feet, you’ve hit the jackpot. After struggling through university, I thought I knew everything. Until I found out I was dyslexic at 27 by hearing the word from a colleague and how one of our clients couldn’t get on stage to speak. 

Where I worked at BenQ back in 2012.

Dyslexia Test Results

The Dyslexia test from the Australian Dyslexia Association. A score above 60 score equates to moderate to severe dyslexia. I hit 70.

Realising another worldview.

A view of the mansion we visited.

One Friday afternoon, a family member drove us 3 hours north of Sydney to see one of their clients. 
It was the largest house I’ve ever visited. We stayed over the night and I learnt two things.
  1. What true financial wealth looked like. 
    This client had multiple exotic that made me realize it would take me 20 years of my current job to buy.
    Not only the cars made me realize there are people out there with a lot of wealth. But also people lived a lifestyle regardless of the monetary efficiency. For example, the client wanted his heaters on throughout the entire mansion because he liked it. That was the complete opposite of how I was raised.

  2. That your mindset is the most important factor. Period. 
    During our visit we were outside having a barbecue. My family member said something negative within the conversion and the client left the conversion immediately. This means he avoided negativity, and a dismissive attitude at all costs.

Having Dyslexia is much more powerful than you think.

Being the youngest of two much older siblings and also a tendency to build friendships with people much older than I am. Dyslexics are able to feel the situations of others and empathize in a much deeper way than most. This allowed me to learn from the errors and mistakes of my peers 5, 10, 15 years older than me.

I learnt from the errors of others. What more is there when the maximum success of your circle is finishing university and working a mid-level 9 to 5. It gets to a point where you’re unable to learn anymore from your circle. This is why I advocate you’re the average of the 5 people you communicate with the most.

It was only through my own failure that learning started to kick off again. I’ve spend tens of thousands of dollars building businesses and failing. A lot.

I’m here to show adults with dyslexia that the best opportunity for them to live a full life is to build their own business and infrastructure. That’ their the lead and the market doesn’t care how you think, how you read, how you write, dyslexia or anything. They just care for the result you bring them. Dyslexic adults can deliver because we have extreme focus and the willingness to sit down and get it done. We never had it easy, and hard work beats talent every day of the week.

My first business breakthrough

My first true success was building PetriDigital and landing some of the biggest clients in the world to assist with their marketing. That company still exists today.

I’m here to teach adults with dyslexia how to build their own consulting business in a framework that’s proven similar to PetriDigital which is digestible to those with Dyslexia. No tests, only visual walkthroughs.

My second breakthrough

PetriVentures was the big second breakthrough. Through my career and building businesses, I had to find a way to put all these business entities under one roof.

I put together a powerhouse group of CEO & entrepreneur investors to build the fund what is now PetriVentures. We’ve allocated over $2M worth of investment for businesses as well as an 8 week start-up program.

Not only this, PetriVentures also help hungry marketers up-skill in real world marketing to land a new job, get promoted, and/or start a business. Often landing jobs in our investment companies.

My mentor journey

I wanted to prove that I could teach people how to be successful. My first form of consulting was through PetriVentures where I educated qualified marketing people and start-up founders on the latest marketing strategies, tactics, mindset and/or how to land a high paying job. This has been an extreme success with over a 90% of mentee’s landing a new job or receiving a promotion within 2 months.

With a proven track record in training someone how to become an effective marketing professional, land a job and negotiate an insane salary for themselves. And I could do this for dyslexic adults.

However, having a ‘job’ isn’t what makes Dyslexics thrive. Ownership, leadership and building makes dyslexics thrive. This is why Dyslexia Consulting exists.

So I’ve brought together a proven process, community, mentorship and business training for non-dyslexics. Imagine what I can do for adults with Dyslexia (and even more) because I am Dyslexic.

One of many Marketing mentees. You can view more at the PetriVentures Marketing mentor program.

Dyslexia Consulting Business Program

Converting all of that into Dyslexia Consulting Incubator. And yes. I used my 15+ years experience, marketing degree, and other courses to build this thing. It’s big and ready for those that are willing to put in the work. I know Dyslexics have been searching for something like this. A proven video guide series specifically built for them on how to build for themselves.

One in every ten people are dyslexic. That means I’ve removed 90% of my potential audience to build this.

There are tens of thousands of people offering online training and only give tactics. They use marketing tactics, sociology and psychology to get people hooked without having their best interest at heart.

My sole focus on Dyslexia Consulting is to get results for adults with dyslexia. That’s it.

The goal is to give everything needed to truly succeed in a complete product. The price is transparent and upfront, and I even put a guarantee on it that if you don’t get value, I’ll refund and PAY YOU BACK. If the work is put in, it’s literally impossible to not succeed with what I show you.

Dyslexic Mindset Training 4: The Eye Is The Window To The Soul

The video below is one of seven mindset training videos called, The Eye Is The Window To The Soul from week two of Dyslexia Consulting. 
Play it at 1.5x speed and take note of the type of content we provide.

I understand the pain of being a dyslexic adult in a society and workplace that simply isn’t patient or doesn’t care about you. Being looked down upon during your school years, judged and ridiculed for something outside of your control.

I have built (and continue to update) the most comprehensive business education for adults with dyslexia. This isn’t just business training, sales, marketing, tactics or anything like that. It’s the lifetime realization of who you truly are. And that’s in week 2 (which is free by the way).

I started building DyslexiaConsulting July 23, 2018 on Google Drive.

I started sharing the mindset component of it to a few adults with dyslexia and within a week, we had over 140 students signing up to the program. And it wasn’t even officially launched.

I knew Dyslexics wanted something like, but I didn’t realist it would get that response so fast. A few simple Facebook posts and immediate sign-ups. It’s been unreal.

I’ve worked with software engineers, best marketers, front-end developers to bring all this together. 

The future.

The most powerful thing to me is thinking back to the train ride home late afternoon after visiting the doctor and her diagnosis of me with severe Dyslexia. On that train, looking outside the window. It was a bit depressing.

I promised to myself that day I would build a program to help adults with dyslexia never feel the pain of being judged for being perceived as stupid, lazy, or a dumb idiot. By going completely beyond it. By gaining clarity on who they truly are and building infrastructure that makes you so successful that you simply don’t care what others say.

Dyslexia Consulting will be always be updated with the latest in processes, methods and technology. Because it’s a real passion project of mine.

If you’re an adults with dyslexia that wants to build something for yourself, and even slightly pissed off at the world around you. DM me on LinkedIn. 🙂

23 July 2018. The date I started to build the powerhouse that is Dyslexia Consulting

The biggest keys to business is understanding Goblins & Facades. Why bosses don't care about Dyslexic people.

With the new Dyslexic Thinking skill now accepted on LinkedIn. It’s an strong step in the right direction for Dyslexic awareness. However, it could do actually do more damage than good. Hear me out.

It’s about Goblins. This has been inspired from a fellow business owner that I highly respect.

This will be difficult to read, but it’s true.

Humans from my 15 years of business experience are deeply greedy self serving people that are irresistibly attracted to low effort gain and social status/ego. The result of every marketing message I’ve ever tested in countless industries has verified this for me.

This doesn’t make them BAD per say. Yes some are. However we all want fast results, we all want to put in the minimal amount of effort. We all want recognition and wealth as fast as possible AND we want to feel like we’re wonderful great humans beings while doing it.

That said, they love to cover up these true motives with a facade of altruism and positive non-self-serving intent. In short they will tell themselves and the world stories about why they are doing something in order to put themselves in a positive light. This is in their own head, its intentional self delusion.

Often the richer and/or smarter they are the more they like to dig into this self delusion as well. For example, look at all the top tech moguls and silicon valley. They act like they are champions of altruism while committing some of the most greedy and evil corporate actions in the last 10 years. Do you see this trend in Hollywood? A place of excessive greed, sin and immoral actions…that parades like they are gods gift to goodness?

People with less wealth are more likely to claim they just want gain because it’s “right” and morally justifiable for someone with little to want more. This is why more direct short term GET RICH QUICK marketing works on them but not the wealthy. The wealthy need a bit more narrative to feel good about their greed BECAUSE chasing more money when your already wealthy… well… it’s greedy… You don’t need it… why do you need more? That’s the story they have to get around in their mind.

Its actually hilarious to watch at events/meet ups. The wealthier the circles you run in get, the more virtue signaling and DEEP desire to sniff ones own farts gets. They talk about changing the world and all sorts of a altruistic bs. then go back home to focus on actions that are 99% focused on self gain.

Ever notice how rich houses wives throw $100k dinner parties, only invite other rich people and sit around and talk about helping “those less fortunate” just to donate a trivial amount. Then go and blow $30k on plastic surgery and purses the next day. The goblin  loves to hide under false goodness. How else can it get away socially with being a greedy gold obsessed little monster.

Again I’m not condemning people. I’m the same way. But marketing is about understanding people and their actions. Your not gonna be a good marketer if you don’t understand this about people or think it’s not their in certain groups. It always is…they just cover it up differently. Whether its a church or an investor summit…They are all the same.

Regardless just understand the wealthier people get, the more they try to convolute this. This is because NOW that they have wealth, they have to justify their behavior to keep it for themselves OR seek more. Its important for marketing. Its important to understand regardless of who your talking to or what they say, the goblin is usually the one actually in control, they are just wearing a mask and speaking in code.

It’s a very common behavior and if your not aware of it you will market in ineffective ways BECAUSE marketing is literally understanding what people want enough to act on.

People HATE for this delusion to be messed with, so much so that most people speak almost in code. They say and try to get what what they want through a filter of false positivity/goodness.

An example is MLM people on stage talking about changing lives and the world. While they then go to rip off people with a ponzi scheme. You can also see so many self help gurus preaching love/helping other etc. When you get them in a room 95% of their convo is how to make more money from their followers.

Anyways. The biggest key to marketing is understanding this in people and then LEARNING how to communicate to the “greedy goblin” underneath within the realms of their facade. The goblin is in control. Its just wearing the mask of a “saint”.

Most bad ads/marketing I see think the facade is real and try to communicate in terms of actual altruism.

A perfect example is of brands that try to build around improving the world. They usually fail.

Its when a brand like Tesla connects improving to the world to social/ego status….VIA the facade that people are doing something right… thats where the fire is.

No one gave a crap about the climate, until Elon Musk made caring about it a sign your better and richer than someone else. Is it any wonder the first place of mass adoption was Silicon Valley? Capital of excessive greed covered by INTENSE false altruism.

BUT see what he did there. He communicated the desires of the goblin in the code of the fake altruistic facade.

Same goes with virtually any other kind of marketing.

Most self help gurus don’t idolize Tony Robbins because he changed so many lives. They idolize him because hes worth 500 million and is insanely famous. They want that.

And they pay for it under the guise they want to change the world.

Most fitness coaches don’t want to make people healthy. They want to be famous and rich from making people healthy.

Most businesses don’t actually want to make their customers lives better or improve the experience. They want lower churn and the customers to pay longer so they can get a higher valuation.

This is why you see marketing events STUFFED FULL of self help and forced positivity and altruistic messages. Its so they can feel good about aggressively trying to rip money out of potential customers. Hell some of these events go on to sell outright scams after preaching the word of god on stage and doing rituals committing to help improve peoples lives. How many gurus have you seen preaching god, giving back, family and then go onto to sell some of the most aggressive predatory offers on the market? 

I’m not condemning these people. I’m the same as them. You are too. As a fellow Dyslexic, I just hopefully you might be at least be aware of your own bullshit. 

I’m simply stating that if you want to market well… understand the creature your talking to, not the “facade” the creature wants you to believe in.

Speak to the goblin in the language of the facade and you’ll get people to bend over backwards for your product because they can feed their real self (the goblin) while telling themselves/allowing them selves to pretend they are a wonderful human being.

All the best campaigns or pitches I have ever done speak to the goblin directly without acknowledging the goblin is there.