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Dyslexia Consulting Course Content

Dyslexia Consulting is a 6 week video education program that helps you discover, start and scale your business built for adults with Dyslexia. This is how we do it.

7 Lectures, 9 hours, 13 Tasks

Lesson 1: Setting your dyslexic foundations

  • What’s necessary to get the most out of the Incubator Program
  • Critical things to recall and preparing for massive changes.
  • Overview of the incubator program and what we’ll discuss.
  • “Your Dyslexic Foundations” and why the success of your business depends on them
  • The mathematics of dyslexic consulting and achieving your dreams

Lesson 2: Nature's Code & Dyslexic Equation

  • What is “Nature’s Code” and why it’s vital
  • The principle of causation and the absolute equation
  • Mistakes dyslexics people make
  • Einstein’s secret lesson
  • The Dyslexic Equation

Lesson 3: Business Stages & Steps

  • The true definition of dyslexia
  • What makes the market jump and how real value is built
  • Why do people want dyslexic consultants
  • Why swimming with the market like water will make you wealthy
  • The stages of a dyslexic consultant and the different frameworks used at each stage
  • Your future as a dyslexic consultant and what to expect on our journey

Lesson 4: Bulls & Bears: Market Functions

  • What exactly are the “Bears & Bulls of the market” and why it’s important
  • Reminiscences of an insane society and the failures of market participants
  • How to objectively view the market and avoid its pitfalls
  • What to watch out for in the market
  • How the Dyslexic Consultant brings the market back to reality with the Bulls & Bears

Lesson 5: Niche - Addendum

  • Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Dyslexic masters earn more
  • The general programmer VS master in Pixar animation programmer
  • Marketing Tip: Marketing is more potent, conversations are more efficient and it’s much easier to qualify and get clients when you know exactly who you need to be talking to
  • It’s impossible to be the master jack of all trades, however it’s easier to become the best in the world to be a master in a specific niche

Lesson 6: Building Your Basic Offer

  • Mistakes people make
  • Bulls & Bears don’t care about you or your Dyslexia
  • Introducing the basic offer
  • Three guides to creating a basic offer
  • The Dyslexia Consultant’s journey
  • Niche – Offer – GOAL
  • Dyslexia Scientific method
  • Understanding the market’s relation to your business

Lesson 7: Empathize Your Message

  • What is the marketing message and why it’s vital?
  • How to move from selling raw commodities to solving a problem (solutions)
  • “Empathy market-messaging” that makes your prospects say “WOW” 
  • Yin & Yang Messaging
  • How to build your “message questionnaire” to go to the bulls and bears and start collecting feedback
  • Empathize your message through the scientific process
7 Lectures, 9 hours, 13 Tasks

Lesson 1: Value System Disorder

  • What is this value system disorder that is against you and making you fail?
  • Proven Change Operative
  • The Mansion Story
  • What is this value system disorder that is against you and making us fail?
  • “Transcending Value System”
  • 6 problems with the way of thinking.

Lesson 2: Face Your Dyslexic Fears

  • Face your dyslexic fears.
  • My dyslexic fear story and how I overcame it
  • The Yin & Yang forces within us
  • Rejection – the cause for suffering, limitation and failure
  • Facing your fears to succeed.
  • The universe, life and business

Lesson 3: Cognitive Polarity & Man’s Fallacy

  • What is dyslexia cognitive polarity & man’s fallacy? Why is it vital?
  • How your brain functions and how you make decisions
  • The rule of opposites in nature
  • Who exactly are you? Exploring cognitive programming
  • Opposite perception: Governing thoughts and actions in society
  • The human question

Lesson 4: The Eye Is The Window To The Soul

  • There’s more to this world than meets the eye
  • Strange variation in the universe
  • Cyclical conditioning understanding
  • Questioning reality
  • Quarrel between old and new science
  • Societies current world view and it’s approach to the physical and material
  • The eye is the window to the soul
  • The transcending paradigm: an updated way to interact, and think with reality

Lesson 5: Reforging The Self

  • What is Reforging the self?
  • The spread between your current self and required self to achieve your aspirations
  • Moving to undiscovered personal heights
  • Deep dive into who you are today
  • Deep dive into what you want in life, and the self you must reforge into to obtain it
  • Building your narrative, reforging your past, and building a cognitive cyclical vision of the future

Lesson 6: A New Dyslexic Worldview

  • Society statistics: how probabilities are used incorrectly
  • Distinguishing the puppet from the puppeteer and learning how to be an observer like the audience
  • Dissecting the puppet and taking absolute control
  • Enabling new levels of self progression
  • Bringing it all together: New Dyslexic Worldview

Lesson 7: Hacking Your Dyslexia

  • The world of random number generators (RNG) and Five by Five
  • How we define reality
  • Cognitive Science 101: Myside bias and Synchronicity 
  • Human thought and it’s evolutionary design
  • Hacking your Dyslexia and creating the world you want
5 Lectures, 5 hours, 8 Tasks

Lesson 1: EpiSales: Going Beyond Sales

  • The epitome of salesmanship
  • How I went from supporting sales professionals to leading them in a short period of time
  • How you can go beyond sales
  • Housekeeping going into week 3: the nature of converting clients

Lesson 2: Mastery of Prospect Conversion

  • What exactly is the mastery of prospect conversion
  • The neuroscience behind converting a prospect into a client
  • Unorthodox methodologies in sales
  • The 5 By 5 principal
  • Review of the prospect conversion script
  • Using “Criticism & Resistance”as opportunities, the power of the dyslexic mind

Lesson 3: Forging Your Personalized Script

  • Why it’s vital to reforge the prospect script for you
  • Nature’s code: Hypothesis, test, analyse results, reforge!
  • The 5 Steps of Forging
  • Perfect practice 101: Recording your calls and analysing them for cyclical conditioning
  • Things to do and the process used to forge your optimal prospect conversion script

Lesson 4 - Episode 1: The Yin Side of Sales

  • What exactly is the yin side of sales?
  • The most powerful misplaced weapon sales people have
  • Human characteristics in sales: Downswings and the yin side
  • The enemy of all sales: Negative sales cyclical conditioning, volume, and lack of reforging and perfect practice
  • An antidote to the yin side of sales

Lesson 5 - Episode 2: The Yang Side of Sales

  • Going Yang and testing your business case in the real world
  • Turning your business case into a reality
  • The trifecta of market validation
  • Weekly sales analysis, recording spreadsheet and using data to reforge
7 Lectures, 9 hours, 10 Tasks

Lesson 1: Pitfalls That Ruin Businesses

  • Pitfalls dyslexics make when they try to attract leads
  • Market Validation: The only objective at this point in time
  • Every tree begins as a seed and then you add heavy rain and sunlight
  • Avoid the noise and focus on what matters

Lesson 2: Mastery of Prospect Attraction

  • What exactly is the mastery of prospect attraction? Why bother?
  • Lead generation mistakes and false narratives
  • Mechanics applied to attracting qualified leads to your business
  • Darwinism applied to attracting qualified lead
  • Organics versus paid methodologies in lead attraction

Lesson 3: The Flow of Organics

  • We’ll do a deep-dive into the 5 core organic marketing tactics, how they function, how to use them with easy to understand templates.

Lesson 4: The flow of paid media (Coming Soon)

  • What exactly is marketing in a paid context? How can it be used to increase the amount of leads you get?
  • Why and how paid media works
  • The metrics that drive the largest businesses in the world. Paid Lead Acquisition Funnel Metrics explained. These apply to all businesses.
  • Different areas of Paid Marketing. Paid Social & The Marketing Funnel
  • Marketing funnel 101 and the numbers behind it

Lesson 5: Building Your Infrastructure (Coming Soon)

  • This section of the course is still being polished.

Lesson 6: Aligning Your Goals To An Ignition Plan

  • Doing your 1-month ignition plan
  • Defining your targets with clarity
  • Deep diving into your targets and the statistics behind it
  • Sketching your 1-month ignition plan and strategic direction
  • Building your organic lists
  • The dyslexic freewill fallacy and how to control daily habits for income
  • Extreme dyslexic daily focus

Lesson 7: Engine Stalls: Removing Hesitation and Procrastination

  • Fear: the reason some engine stall when they know exactly what to do
  • “Servicing your mind”: What’s causing your mind to stall?
  • Removing hesitation and procrastination: Meeting the Dyslexic Mechanic
  • A deeper dive into getting your first customer
  • Starting to crawl today
7 Lectures, 9 hours, 13 Tasks

Automatically applied to Incubator students. Week 5 explores the entire marketing landscape and how to attract clients. Coming soon.

7 Lectures, 9 hours, 14 Tasks

Lesson 1: Atom Service Delivery & Focus Thinking

  • What’s atom service delivery?
  • Deep-diving into your business case, offer and service delivery 
  • Using the Pareto Principle to remove the noise
  • Surface VS Root level thinking (A Key Strength for Dyslexics)
  • Removing scatter brain and using your dyslexic focus
  • “The less you focus on, the more you achieve.”

Lesson 2: Foundations of the Customer & Frameworks

  • Service and client problems arise from poor foundations and frameworks
  • Turning into a Dyslexic Monster: Defining how you work and don’t work
  • Your Mini-Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Defining responsibility between client and service provider
  • Setting the ground rules and holding your wall firmly

Lesson 3: Outsourcing 101

  • Your Pareto Value Chain
  • Creating your C.O.C perimeter
  • Your Dyslexic Pride & getting help from others
  • The Recruitment Process. Building Your A-Team
  • Operating with staff and contractors

Lesson 4: Stack & Flow

  • Your Dyslexic Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Building your Decentralised Model
  • Building out your flow
  • Building out your Business Stack
  • Becoming Extremely Productive

Lesson 5: The Language of Business

  • 100,000 gold coins is more than 1,000,000
  • Business Finance Overview
  • Business Finance Parley (The Pirates Code)
  • Financially Auditing Your Business
  • Finance Stacks

Lesson 6: Valuing Your Lifetime Audience

  • Why your audience is your best lifetime asset
  • How to build your audience
  • How to generate referrals
  • Bringing everything together
  • Your Ignition Plan revisited

Lesson 7: The Time Value of Money: Marketing Automation

  • Learn how to automate your business.
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