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Dyslexia Consulting Incubator

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Dyslexia Consulting Program Business Education

Proven Systems, Processes And Templates To Streamline Each Area Of Your Consulting Business.

The Dyslexia Consulting Incubator program is unlike any entrepreneur or business start-up course ever made for Dyslexics. Discover your niche, develop your offer, market, sell plus learn how to operate your business to succeed by hiring contractors to automate everything.

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Dyslexia Consulting is trusted by hundreds

The traditional system of tests, certificates, degrees, or attendance awards doesn’t work for dyslexics. So why should we adopt it?

We’re in early access and small.

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Your friends, and everyone that called you a failure or stupid will be in shock when they see your business and income sour past theirs. They will ask you what has changed, only you will know…

Dyslexic Incubator™ Curriculum

Dyslexia Education


Setting Your Foundation

In phase one, we cover the fundamental laws of nature, business and consulting so that you understand the science behind everything. Once a clear understanding is established we get to work on the foundations of your consulting business.

Dyslexic Mindset for adults emotional intelligence


Dyslexic Worldview & Mindset

In phase two, we teach you a new paradigm and world view that is so profoundly different that its like seeing for the first time.

We discuss why most peoples thinking and beliefs are flawed and destructive and how you can rewire your entire brain so that it helps you not sabotages you. This part of the program will change your life.

How to sell as a dyslexic


Sales & Converting Clients

In phase 3, we discuss the art and science of converting a total stranger to a paying customer with one phone call.

We teach you the mistakes most people make, how to sell like a master and we introduce you to our prospect sales script. From structure to questions to objection handling responses, this week covers sales from A to Z.

Attracting Leads & Setting Meetings​

PHASE 4 (80% Complete)

Attracting Leads & Setting Meetings

In phase four, we discuss the art and science of attracting clients to your business with organic (free) and paid marketing strategies.

From grass roots strategies you can implement immediately and for free through to world class 6 & 7 figure lead generation campaigns. Phase four shows you how to attract hot, ready to buy customers to your dyslexia consulting business.

Digital Marketing Course

PHASE 5 (Under Construction)

Marketing Technology

In phase five, we discuss the latest in digital marketing for attracting clients to your consulting business.

Learn how to build any consulting business with some of the most advanced digital marketing technology and tactics used in the industry. 

Service Delivery


Systems, Processes & Service Delivery

In phase six, we discuss how to structure the service delivery and operations of your business so that you can service your clients, deliver results while keeping your dyslexic focus and maintain high profit margins.

Set your Dyslexic consulting business up for success with a corporate structure, taxes and accounting; as well as pricing your services correctly and competitively, and communicating efficiently with your clients.

When You Join the Dyslexic Incubator™,
You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

1. Dyslexia Core Consulting Curriculum (120+ Hours)

Over 120 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of becoming and building a consulting business from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, mindset, running marketing, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales scripts, operations.. Dyslexia Consulting has got you covered.

Dyslexia Consulting Program Business Education

2. E-Learning Platform for Dyslexics

Over 120 hours of HD video step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an consulting business from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running paid and organic marketing, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales… The Dyslexic Incubator has everything covered for you.

Dyslexia Education

3. Access to Winning Dyslexic Community

Join an exclusive community of dyslexic entrepreneurs that invest in their future and are committed. Entrepreneurship can get lonely when everyone else around you don’t get it. 

You’ll join a real online community built by dyslexic consultants for dyslexic consultants, with hundreds of existing consultants, owners, free of adverts, annoying posts and self-promotion. Just pure value. Share your victories, get your questions answered and network with fellow dyslexic consultants.

4. Plug and play financial templates, contracts, and trackers.

Your profile comes with its own financial planner, revenue calculators, outreach tracker, breakeven calculator, & more – all the exclusive tools you need to succeed in your consulting business. 


Dyslexic programs for adults

5. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More

No need to spend hours and thousands of dollars setting up your own website. Inside Dyslexic Incubator you’ll have access to an ever growing pool of templates to built your website templates for your consulting business. All you have to do is copy, paste and update your niche, and offer.

Dyslexic Learning Website

6. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More

Template contracts to use with your clients, agreements, and sales scripts! Working with the best sales and legal representatives in the world, I have refined these templates and scripts over countless negotiations and and generated over $200,000+ of revenue created from it personally. This sale script has been validated by industry and will continuously be updated so you’re always one step ahead.

7. Mentorship from successful dyslexics & Louis

Interact and get exposure to successful dyslexic entrepreneurs who can help reverse-engineer your problems and provide direction. Once we officially launch, get bi-weekly Q&A calls, interviews, and round the clock 24/7/365 support.

Advanced Dyslexic Learning Technology

We use specific sound technology to keep your dyslexic attention and to stay focus.

How to focus as a dyslexic

Adults with Dyslexia thrive by focusing.

As Dyslexics ourselves. We have you focus on simple actions that create big results. Dyslexia Consulting Incubator™ students add value to the world, build businesses and get work done. Not become social media influencers.

99% of adults with dyslexia with a entrepreneurial mind. They run towards noisy social media information. Their attention span is 9 seconds with goal-settings rarely exceeding two weeks. Confused about what to do next they try to do everything. They do everything and master nothing.

The rare 1% of dyslexic entrepreneurs. They understand giving value in a clear and efficient way works. They have hyper-focus that can stick to a task for hours and plan long-term goals. Their the DO’ers, not commenting on random YouTube videos. They are precise, scientific and understand business.

Learn From Someone Who Actually Runs a Consulting Business

Louis Petrides is the proud owner of PetriVentures, a multiple six-figure a year company with agency, education, social media channels and info products. PetriDigital has worked with companies such as Activision, Call of Duty, Sony, Twitter, Riot Games, Microsoft, Red Bull, and many more. You can visit PetriDigital here.

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Dyslexia Consulting Program Business Education


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We have answered below the most common questions about Dyslexic Incubator.

We don’t just cover digital marketing and advertising, we cover every aspect of starting your own consulting business from registration, to taxes, hiring and accounting.

The Dyslexic Incubator covers every aspect of client acquisition: from deciding the types of businesses you’re going to work with, finding them, getting contact information, outreach, sales and more.

Learn the outreach method that’s right for you: we cover cold calling, cold emailing, outreach via Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

We’ve worked with hundreds of dyslexic owners – many who’ve never managed to sign a client – and others who’ve ended up overworked and beholden to their business. 

The Dyslexic Incubator helps you to unlearn bad habits and the real way to find and sign clients.

We spend hours covering media buying and advertising strategies for clients in detail: even if you’ve never looked inside an ads manager before, you’ll quickly become an expert. 

Along with videos guides, you’ll also be able to get live support on the weekly group calls from advertisers with decades of experience.

Every PetriVentures course is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee and a human support team. If you’re not satisfied with Dyslexic Incubator, send an email to support@DyslexiaConsulting.com – as long as you’ve purchased within the last 14 days, you’ll get a 100% refund. 

No questions asked. Nothing to lose.

The Dyslexic Incubator was hand built for adults with dyslexia. From total beginners, intermediate consulting owners, digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs and more. 

Absolutely. We’ve created this course to be equally accessible to beginners as it is useful for experienced consultants.

We’re proud to be able to offer ongoing support through bi-weekly Q&A Support calls, as a dedicated community coach, and support team.

We offer a 14-day refund policy. As long as you have enrolled within the last 14-days, completed all the tasks, watch all the videos, and attend all the coaching calls.

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