How I used my dyslexia to gain hyper focus and clarity to become a C-Suite for a publicly listed company.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd. With over 1,300+ members. The dyslexic mindset program is a first of it’s kind to break down any barriers you thought you had. Hack your dyslexic mind, gain hyper focus and get a proven attack plan to discover and conquer your goals. Register your account and join the community.

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What You Get

Lesson 01

Value System Disorder

  • How come you see exactly what you need to do, but can’t do it?

  • Why do you aspire, think and dream about things, but they never come?

  • Why do you start making progress towards goals, but then end up failing?
Value System Disorder​ Dyslexia
Our Lowest Standards Define Us

Lesson 02

Face Your Dyslexic Fears

  • Face your Dyslexic fears and why it’s vital?
  • My dyslexic fear story and how I overcame it.
  • Rejection – the cause for suffering, limitation and failure.
  • The cause for success and happiness.

Lesson 03

Cognitive Polarity & The Dyslexic Fallacy

  • What is dyslexia cognitive polarity & the Dyslexic fallacy? 
  • How your brain functions and how you make decisions?
  • Who exactly are you? Exploring cognitive programming.
  • The BIG Dyslexic question.
Cognitive Polarity & Dyslexic Fallacy​
What is cyclical conditioning

Lesson 04

The Eye Is The Window To The Soul

  • Cyclical conditioning and symptoms of thought and awareness.
  • Questioning reality and the exploration of human questions.
  • Societies current world view and it’s approach to the physical and material existence.
  • The eye is the window to the soul and theory to life.
  • The transcending paradigm: an updated way to interact, and think with reality.

Lesson 05

Reforging Dyslexia

  • What is Reforging Dyslexia and why it’s vital?
  • The spread between your current self and required self to achieve your aspirations.
  • Moving to undiscovered personal heights.
  • Deep dive into who you are today and the existing narrative you’ve built.
  • Deep dive into what you want in life, and the self you must reforge into to obtain it.
  • Building your narrative, reforging your past, and building a cognitive cyclical vision of the future.
Building a crystal clear vision of the future
Dyslexia Training Program

Lesson 06

A New Dyslexic Worldview

  • Society statistics: how probabilities are used incorrectly.
  • Distinguishing the puppet from the puppeteer and learning how to be an observer like the audience.
  • Dissecting the puppet and taking absolute control.
  • Enabling new levels of self progression.
  • Bringing it all together: New Dyslexic Worldview.

ViLesson 07

Hacking Your Dyslexia

  • Cognitive Science 101: Myside bias and Synchronicity. 
  • Human thought, and its evolutionary design.
  • Hacking your Dyslexia and creating the world you want.

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- Louis Petrides

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Everything I build will always be 100% free for Dyslexians that direct message me, ask and are facing a tough time. 100% free, always. End of story. This includes my 6-week Dyslexic Incubator program that I charge my professional clients (Non-dyslexics – Muggles) between $5,000 – $30,000 for. (Just don’t tell them 🤣)

Any dyslexic that wants to adopt a growth mindset, break free of mental blocks and thrive as a dyslexic.

It isn’t for everyone.

But in today’s “new economy”, you’re seriously behind the 8-ball if you don’t have a rock-solid mindset.

My name is Petrides. I’m a start-up and Chief Marketing Officer who went from absolute zero to the top of my field by hacking my dyslexic mindset. You can read about my story here.

You absolutely do not have to listen to me, but building your mindset has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for my career and businesses.

You’ll learn my system for accelerating your mindset that will elevate your career and/or business and therefore income.

It’s the same mindset I’ve used to reach Chief Marketing Officer at 33 years old. Gain over 2.5 Million views on YouTube, build consulting businesses and and speak at some of the top universities and events in Silicon Valley & abroad. It’s all public and transparent.

Everything I build is free. Just direct message me on LinkedIn. Or you can support the cause by paying a small lifetime access fee. Up to you.

This isn’t my primary source of income and my main goal is to give back to the Dyslexic community. (Dyslexians) I don’t think it’s justified to charge $500+.

Nothing has ever been made for Dyslexics like this. I spent 500+ hours working on this and providing the best resources, (Read our reviews) so you don’t have to. You’ll get instant access to the dyslexic mindset system to help you grow your career and/or business.

I’ve designed this course to be actionable. It’s not some book you read & shelve. It’s a video-based course with a system that you can use every day, and revisit frequently.

There are lifetime benefits to understanding this dyslexic mindset. It depends on how active you are. If you follow the lessons and modules, expect to see some good traction almost immediately.

If you do absolutely nothing, you won’t see any results.

You can message me (Louis) anytime you wish at Louis (at) (I didn’t put the full email there because I don’t want bots to spam that email) or direct message me on LinkedIn.

Overall, no, this course is designed to be self-guided and self-paced. With over 500 students in our programs, I physically cannot provide it. It’s just me…

Absolutely. You can access it for as long as you’d like with no extra payment. Also lifetime updates.

I created the Hacking Dyslexic mindset program as the best entry point into our community and movement. Here are the steps:

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