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What is Dyslexia?

The word comes from the Greek meaning of “difficulty with words”. Modern research has shown Dyslexia is much more than that.

Dyslexia is a neurological based learning anomaly, defined by difficulties with fluent word reading, literary accuracy, poor spelling and poor sensory and information abilities. Dyslexia impacts both spoken and/or written language. Other areas include cognitive processing speed, working memory, sequencing, auditory and visual processing and motor skills. (i.e. dialing a telephone and making mistakes).

Adults with Dyslexia think differently from others, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to that. Generally, adults with dyslexia have a difficult time reading, spelling, recalling information, recalling names, objects and dates.

Dyslexic minds use different neural-pathways to learn, view, hear, smell, feel, and receive information, and often non-dyslexic people can misunderstand these differences. Ask someone how often they are misunderstood – if it’s high, then there’s a good chance that person could be dyslexic.

Despite these challenges, dyslexics still make up some of the best minds, leaders and entrepreneurs on the planet.

Understanding Dyslexic Scales and Cures.

Dyslexia occurs on a scale from mild to severe. They’re all slightly different to a certain extent.

A cure for Dyslexia is similar to asking if there’s a cure for Harry Potter’s magic. In all seriousness, there is no cure for Dyslexia. It is critical for dyslexic adults to accept and use it.

Once outside the traditional school system, if a dyslexic adult is supported by a positive community, proven process and focused relevant education, a Dyslexic can be a powerful contributor to society. Did you know 8 out of 10 prison inmates are dyslexic? Why? Lack of support and direction.

What exactly is the difficulty with Dyslexia? Why take the Dyslexia Test For Adults?

Adults with Dyslexia will have difficulty with all forms of language. If you found it difficult to learn another language, It could be attributed to Dyslexia. Dyslexics don’t have an issue with comprehension, in fact, the opposite. Those with Dyslexia often possess higher level language skills to support their reading of connected text (stories) as a supplementary mechanism to compensate for their difficulty with single word reading.

The underlying issue is that dyslexics struggle to convert letters to their correct sound and convert sounds to their correct written symbol. In other words they have challenges in spelling correctly and forming full written sentences.

Although dyslexics struggle with spelling, visual cues, memory and numbers, they often conversely excel in using creative pathways through reading, counting and memory to solve problems and enhance creativity. This makes them extremely valuable as business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Adults with Dyslexia have the ability to reduce the noise and hit the root of the situation, business problem, customer problem etc. What others can often interprets misunderstanding a situation is in fact the opposite.

What causes Dyslexia?

Signs of Dyslexia

How businesses can help Adults with Dyslexia succeed.

From a business working perspective, co-vid has been an exceptional time for adults with dyslexia. The internet has removed many barriers, distractions and fears from in-person interactions that dyslexic associate with their school years. To get the most out of professional dyslexics. Take note of the following:

Dyslexic Strengths

Adults with dyslexia hold a sea of strengths outside of their difficulties with spoken and written language. Often creative, have good analytic skills, the ability to see through problems, not at problems and think outside the square to name a few.