Dyslexia Consulting ADULT Education for entrepreneurs

Helping adults with Dyslexia start and grow consulting businesses

Dyslexia Consulting is an E-Learning platform specifically designed for adults with dyslexia to build a six-figure+ consulting business.

Over 6 weeks, get proven business processes, mental clarity, join a community of entrepreneurs and rewire your dyslexia to flourish in a system not designed for you. No tests.

Dyslexia Consulting Course For Adults

Dyslexic Incubator

How to start a profitable Dyslexic business from scratch, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Our Guarantee:

In 14 days, if you wouldn't jump into shark infested waters to get Dyslexia Consulting back, we will return every dollar you paid and pay you $200. Simply complete all the tasks, watch all the videos, and attend all the coaching calls.

Dyslexia Consulting Hacking Your Dyslexia

Adults with Dyslexia thrive by focusing.

As Dyslexics ourselves. We have you focus on simple actions that create big results. Dyslexia Consulting students add value to the world, build infrastructure and get work done. Not become social media influencers.

99% of adults with dyslexia with a entrepreneurial mind. They run towards noisy social media information. Their attention span is 9 seconds with goal-settings rarely exceeding two weeks. Confused about what to do next they try to do everything. They do everything and master nothing.

The rare 1% of dyslexic entrepreneurs. They understand giving value in a clear and efficient way works. They have hyper-focus that can stick to a task for hours and plan long-term goals. Their the DO’ers, not commenting on random YouTube videos. They are precise, scientific and understand business.

How does it work?

Lifetime access to step-by-step video instructions that are proven to work. Go at your own pace.

You are the average of the 5 people you hang around. Join an active community of dyslexic entrepreneurs, partner up, share marketing strategies, practice sales calls and have fun.

Uncovered a new way to think and view the world as a dyslexic. Find out who you are, interests, biases, habits, and hack your dyslexic mind to perform.

We all have questions. Get 24/7 access to successful dyslexics on our group, bi-weekly livestream Q&A’s and email.

By Dyslexics, Proven for Dyslexics

The traditional system of tests, certificates, degrees, or attendance awards doesn’t work for dyslexics. So why should we adopt it?

We’re new and small. Join our community early.

Active Students

Find and dominate your niche as a Dyslexic Consultant.

The Dyslexia Consulting Incubator program is unlike any entrepreneur or business start-up course ever made. Discover your niche, develop your offer, market, sell plus learn how to operate your business to succeed.

Business Fundamentals

Find your niche, identify opportunities, finding, market validation, and pricing.

1. Find your niche

Dyslexia Psychology

Learn human psychology, sociology, and how to hack your dyslexia.

5. Dyslexic & Human Psychology

Paid Social Advertising

Build LinkedIn & Facebook ads, split-test, optimise campaigns and be everywhere within your niche

9. Be everywhere in your niche

Develop Your Offer

Designing, delivering and improving differentiated products customers love.

2. Develop your offer

Think precisely

Precision thinking enables you to solve problems and play chess while others play checkers.

6. Precision thinking

Build a team

Understand how hire contractors and employees work. Learn how to enable culture, plus track and optimise performance.

10. Building your team

Learn Marketing

Get attention, generate leads, and qualify those ready today.

3. Market your offer

Proposals, Infrastructure & Tax

Turning your sole trader business into a limited company. Create binding proposals and doing your books for tax time.

7. Getting professional

Learn selling

Designing, delivering and improving differentiated products customers love.

4. Sell your service/product

Modern Websites

Build seriously epic websites, landing pages and funnels all by yourself. Stop paying a premium.

8. Build your website and marketing funnel

Education built for adults with Dyslexics

As Dyslexics, video is the way. Watch full HD video available 24/7 on your desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, at a pace you’re comfortable with. No tests, no nonsense. Just execution. 

Active Dyslexic Community

Join an exclusive community of dyslexic entrepreneurs that invest in their future and are committed. Entrepreneurship can get lonely when everyone else around you don’t get it. 

Active Dyslexic Community​
Mentorship from successful dyslexics​

Mentorship from successful dyslexics

Interact and get exposure to successful dyslexic entrepreneurs who can help reverse-engineer your problems and provide direction. All Incubator courses and above get bi-weekly Q&A calls, interviews, and round the clock 24/7/365 support.

Watch it right now without having to sign up to anything.

95% of the Dyslexic Incubator program is complete. You are early.