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Teaching Adults With Dyslexia How to Use Our Super Power For Career & Business.

How to leverage your dyslexia to take control of life, build a career and/or build your own dyslexia consulting business.

No existing experience, skills, or knowledge is required. Only your Dyslexia.

What started out as an idea, struck a nerve and became a movement. With over 800+ founders, government officials, CEO’s, investors, developers and engineers.

Welcome home to Dyslexia Consulting fellow Dyslexians…

How to focus as a dyslexic

Adults with Dyslexia thrive by focusing.

As Dyslexics ourselves. We have you focus on simple actions that create big results. Dyslexia Consulting Incubator™ students add value to the world, build businesses and get work done. Not become social media influencers.

From neurotic dyslexia

99% of adults with dyslexia with a entrepreneurial mind. They run towards noisy social media information. Their attention span is 9 seconds with goal-settings rarely exceeding two weeks. Confused about what to do next they try to do everythin

To hyper-focused Dyslexians

The rare 1% of dyslexic entrepreneurs. They understand giving value in a clear and efficient way works. They have hyper-focus that can stick to a task for hours and plan long-term goals. Their the DO’ers, not commenting on random YouTube videos. They are precise, scientific and understand business.

What People Say

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Winston C

Dyslexia Consulting Has Two Programs

Option 1
Hacking Dyslexic Mindset
(7 Videos)

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd. With over 700+ members.  The dyslexic mindset program is a first of it’s kind to break down the mental walls of your dyslexic past. Hack your dyslexic mind, gain hyper focus and get a proven attack plan to discover and conquer your goals.


Option 2
Dyslexic Incubator™
(42 Videos)

Learn how to start a consulting business from scratch. Find a niche, create an offer, market your offer, sell it, online advertising and consulting set-up.  Request early access below. 

Dyslexia Consulting Program Business Education

Winning Dyslexic Community

Join an exclusive community of dyslexic entrepreneurs that invest in their future and are committed. Entrepreneurship can get lonely when everyone else around don’t get it. 

You’ll join a real online community built by Dyslexians for adults with dyslexia, with hundreds of existing consultants, owners, free of adverts, annoying posts and self-promotion. Just pure value. Share your victories, get your questions answered and network with fellow Dyslexians.

Dyslexic Female Student

By Dyslexics, Proven for Dyslexics

The traditional system of tests, certificates, degrees, or attendance awards doesn’t work for dyslexics. So why should we adopt it?

We’re new and small. Join our community early.

Incubator Students
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Community Members

The Process

Step 1

Learn the foundations and mindset to thrive in your career and business.

Step 2

Network with like-minded Dyslexians to share tips, hire, get hired and/or grow a business.

Mentorship from successful people with dyslexics

Interact and get exposure to successful dyslexic entrepreneurs who can help reverse-engineer your problems and provide direction. All Incubator courses and above get bi-weekly Q&A calls, interviews, and round the clock 24/7/365 support.

We have answered below the most common questions about Dyslexia Consulting.

Dyslexia Consulting was established in 2018 by me, Louis Petrides. With two programs consisting of: 

1. Hacking your dyslexic mindset. Found here.

2. Starting a fully fledge consulting business with the Dyslexic Incubator™ program. Found here.

We now have over 1,000+ members calling ourselves Dyslexians. You can learn more about my journey here.

Everything I build will always be 100% free for Dyslexians that direct message me, ask and are facing a tough time. 100% free, always. End of story. This includes my 6-week Incubator program that I charge my professional clients (Non-dyslexics – Muggles) between $5,000 – $30,000 for. (Just don’t tell them 🤣)

I’ve built Dyslexia Consulting to serve Dyslexic Adults that want to harness their dyslexic mind, find a niche, build a business and generate their own income. Even as a side hustle.

We do not work with children. However, many teenagers with Dyslexia have taken the Mindset and Incubator program with great success.

The Hacking Dyslexia Mindset program is Week 2 (of 6) of the Dyslexic Incubator™ program.

I received such positive feedback from the community that I decided to release week 2 as it’s own product as a good entry point.

Don’t worry though, it’s still in the full Dyslexic Incubator™ program.

Absolutely. We’ve created this course to be equally accessible to beginners as it is useful for experienced consultants.

I created the Hacking Dyslexic mindset program as the best entry point into our community and movement. Here are the steps:

  1. Invest in the Hacking Dyslexic Mindset program here.
  2. The program will have you request access to our community.

Our Dyslexic Guarantee

In two weeks, if you wouldn’t jump into shark infested waters to get our programs back, we’ll return every dollar paid. Simply complete all the tasks, watch all the videos, and attend all the coaching calls.

Start the dyslexic mindset hacking program below. You have nothing to lose.

Still Have Questions?


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